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Home Safety Becomes Important as Adults Age

Studies show that as many as 85% of all seniors have done nothing to improve the safety of their home. A recent survey of adults, their aging parents, and ER doctors yielded some alarming statistics related to the safety of the home in which our senior citizens have lived. A large percentage of all participants in the study agreed that falls are the number one safety concern for the home. Doctors cite these rooms in the home as the most likely to contribute to a fall:

  • Bathroom – 69%
  • Bedroom – 13%
  • Kitchen – 9%
  • Stairs – 5%

Most doctors agree with other resources that an annual home safety check that goes from room to room in the house is needed to ensure risks of falls and other accidents are kept to a minimum. Using a checklist to help identify potential hazards can make seniors and their caregivers more aware of potential hazards and correct them before the accident occurs.

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