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Benefits of Home Health Care

More than 65 million Americans juggle the daily demands of work, home, children and caring for someone who may be disabled, ill, or aging. Managing busy families and the emotional decisions that must be made when caring for a loved one is overwhelming.

Parents and adult children may live thousands of miles away from one another, separated by different cities, states, or even countries – adding additional demands and pressure to providing care for their loved ones.

Plus, most family caregivers don’t realize how complicated normal daily activities can become for the ill and aging, or those recovering from a stay in the hospital. In these situations, health and mobility can decline very rapidly.

The Benefits of Home Care after Hospitalization or Rehabilitation

Every patient’s recovery from any procedure or hospital stay is different, but what doesn’t vary is the fact that the time immediately after the patient is discharged is fragile – especially for senior patients. After coming home, just getting back to simple every day life can be very overwhelming. In some cases, many routine tasks are just not possible. Even procedures that might seem very straightforward can lead to a longer and more challenging recuperation.

The time after being released from the hospital or rehabilitation facility is also critical in that the level of care patients receive after discharge greatly impacts the success of their recovery over the long term. Understanding the options available to you or your family after hospitalization is important. The better the care you receive, the better the long-term outcome.

Home Health Care Can Help

For many families, home health care is a beneficial choice—a solution that supports the family, while allowing your loved ones to stay in the comfort of their own homes and communities. By utilizing licensed professionals to monitor patient care, loved ones are eased of the pressure of these responsibilities, the recovery of the patient is much improved, and the care is typically covered by insurance. Our overall goal is to teach the patient and their family about their specific condition to drastically reduce the need to return to the hospital. At Palmeira Home Health, our licensed professionals work with the patient’s entire healthcare team to manage the recovery process, provide education about what to expect, and continually monitor the patients’ condition to ensure a better outcome.

If you are caring for a loved one, here are five ways home health care can support you:

  • Access to skilled nursing care at home. Skilled medical care can be delivered at home by thoroughly supervised nurses who are certified, licensed and knowledgeable about high-technology medical equipment, common complications arising from a stay in the hospital, and who work with your entire healthcare team to ensure the best possible outcome.
  • Support with diet and nutrition. Are your loved ones getting the nutrition they need to stay healthy? Adults age 65 and older, people with chronic conditions, and those recently discharged from a hospital or nursing facility are likely to be nutritionally at-risk. Aging, bed rest, illness, and injury can all contribute to the loss of lean body mass. Home care may include nutritional counseling.
  • Medication management. A large percentage of emergent care comes from improper medication interactions. If your loved one is on multiple prescriptions it can be confusing to manage. Home health care professionals can ensure the right medications are being taken at the right times to control health conditions and prevent harmful drug interactions.
  • One-on-one focus and support. Home health care services are truly unique, providing meaningful, one-on-one personal and skilled care that builds strong bonds between professionals and their clients. According to the Cleveland Clinical Journal a person who is seen by a clinician in the comfort of home more readily trusts that the health care team places their needs first – and the incidences of hospital readmittance are reduced.
  • Physical Therapy – Strengthening at home. Access to an exercise plan becomes harder after an injury, illness or loss of dependence. Our team ensures that exercise becomes part of the normal daily routine.

For many families, home health care can be just the support they need to help manage caregiving responsibilities, while avoiding caregiver burnout. Could you or someone you love benefit from home health care services?

Everyone deserves to live life to their fullest potential!

Returning you or your loved one to their highest functional level is the mission of Palmeira Home Health. Our rapid growth as one of the nation’s leading home health care companies is truly the result of making sure you are at your best functional level of health and leaving you with a feeling of improvement.

Improved Independence, Management of Chronic Conditions and More:

  • Home health care is a much more efficient option at certain stages of your recovery process and often leaves the patient in a better state of health than before their injury or illness.
  • Home health care is provided in the privacy of one’s home, assisted living facility or group home. Studies have shown that patients able to recover at home have a much better success rate with the addition of licensed professionals managing their care. Better care leads to a much better outcome.
  • Your Palmeira Home Health team will work with you and your doctor to develop a customized care plan that is designed to meet your goals for more than just recovery – to live your life to the fullest potential.
  • Your Home Health team will constantly assess your environment for safety issues you might not realize are potential hazards, like a rug that could be tripped on or slippery surfaces. Preventing falls is a key component to recovery.
  • Our team will ask you about your understanding of the medications you are taking and explain them if you’re not clear on their use.
  • We will also assess your need for specialized equipment or perhaps a social worker regarding a living will or power of attorney for healthcare.
  • Many physicians prefer that patients have care through home health as it minimizes complications such as post-operative infections and takes place in an environment where you are more comfortable. Better comfort leads to better outcomes!

State-of-the-Art Care

Palmeira Home Health believes in the power of technology to enable our clinicians to provide better care for our patients. To truly establish a continuum of care that connects each member of a patient’s care team, technology is required to foster communication, manage care plans, and efficiently document progress. That’s why we’ve invested in programs and technologies that enable our patients to have a true continuum of care experience.

Palmeira Home Health is a recognized innovator and one of the first in the industry to equip its clinicians with point-of-care technology. This enables physicians to refer with an Internet portal that enables seamless, real-time coordination of patient care. Palmeira Home Health is continually looking for ways to enhance and keep our technology up to date.

Our advanced chronic care management programs enable us to deliver quality care in accordance with the latest evidence-based practices. We have designed programs for management of specific chronic illnesses, such as COPD, CHF and more. The objective of these specialized programs and our care in general for those without chronic health concerns is to help reduce the possibility of you or your loved one having to return to the hospital.

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Our team has experience in and can assist with: home health care services, senior care services, in-home nursing care, palliative care services, Alzheimer’s care services, home health aides, elderly care services, respite care services, hospice care services.

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All services provided by your Home Health was greatly appreciated. Your staff was very personal and interested in my recovery.

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Palmeira Home Health has the very best Occupational and Physical Therapists! They do so much with/for my uncle. I would highly recommend them for family members who need home health care!

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My therapist was so wonderful and helpful. Kim, recognized I had scar tissue build-up and broke it up with massage. I'm now going to outpatient therapy because of how well my treatment went.

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Every single employee from Palmeira Health were extremely helpful, polite and caring. Each one made me feel important and they were here for me not because it was their job!

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Jesus (the Physical Therapist) helped me get a lot stronger.

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If you are ever in need of Home Health Care, make Palmeira your first choice. Their care is exemplary, and the therapists are so caring. Their aim is to get you back to healthy. I have been blessed to have Corey B. for my Physical Therapist, and Lynda C. for my Occupational Therapist. They are amazing!

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