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Each day — and around the clock — hundreds of Palmeira Home + Health nurses provide skilled, compassionate care to patients recovering from illness and surgery in the comfort of their own homes throughout Arizona and Nevada. These dedicated women and men, and their 4 million colleagues nationwide, are truly the foundation of our healthcare system.

During National Nurses Week, held May 6 through 12, Palmeira Home + Health honors the nurses who comfort and care for our patients during their most challenging times, and who celebrate the happy events, too. But nursing is more than bedside care. Today, nurses serve as key partners in our shift toward an emphasis on preventive care that keeps people healthier and living at home longer.

At Palmeira, nurses are the key to achieving our vision and goal of Better Care for Better Outcomes for our patients recovering in the comfort of their own homes. With the help of our nurses, Palmeira has become an industry leader in reducing hospital readmission rates while also reducing overall healthcare costs.

National Nurses Week, which always concludes on Florence Nightingale’s birthdate, recognizes the changes that have taken place since Ms. Nightingale began revolutionizing healthcare nearly 200 years ago. Yet while aspects of the profession continue to evolve, nursing will, at heart, remain a calling that draws a special type of person — one who is willing to commit to a lifetime of learning, empathetic communication and caring for each patient as an individual.

As the leader of Palmeira Health Systems, I’m proud to be part of a community of highly trained, thoughtful and dedicated nurses who are integral to our delivery of quality, compassionate care at home. And I encourage anyone who would like to make a real difference in others’ lives to explore nursing as a career.

I also invite everyone to join the Palmeira family as we express our deep appreciation for the nurses who consistently do more than what is asked of them, providing not just lifesaving care day and night, but offering the heartfelt, personal attention that each patient deserves.

We salute you!

Genevieve Barter
Chief Executive Officer
Palmeira Health Systems