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In December 2018, Palmeira Home + Health expanded its home-based skilled nursing services from the Greater Phoenix area over 80 miles to the east by opening a new location in Globe in rural Gila County, Arizona.

“We have served the Greater Phoenix area for three years with a commitment to help Arizonians recover faster and better in their homes following hospitalization or improve their quality of life with chronic illnesses,” says Palmeira CEO Genevieve Barter. “With the growth of Arizona and the state’s incredible commitment to health care, we are expanding our organization strategy to serve all areas of Arizona, not just the urban areas.”

According to census data, Gila County’s population of those 55 and older is a third of the population which is 10% higher than the Arizona and US average. And its rural location and concentration of mining, manufacturing and ranching indicates the largest numbers of deaths in the state from heart disease, stroke and chronic lower respiratory disease among adults aged 45 years and older.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services Health Status Progress Report on Arizona’s Healthy People 2020 Objectives, Gila County’s population deaths from heart disease are still 50% higher; stroke deaths are 27% higher; and deaths from chronic lower respiratory disease are 76% higher than the 2020 target date goals.

“We believe that our proven track record of outcomes-driven, home-based care can help the state improve on these statistics,” adds Barter. “Palmeira is dedicated to better outcomes for the people of Arizona.”

Barter adds that in addition to its regular services, Palmeira will offer its specialized services to Gila County residents including a Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) After Care Program and a Comprehensive COPD Program that covers many different obstructive lung diseases. More on these services can be found at

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