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Orange, California (October 8, 2018) – October is National Physical Therapy Month and Palmeira Home Health, a division of Palmeira Health Services, supports home-based recovery for patients following joint replacement and other orthopedic conditions.

According to a recent Mayo Clinic study, over 7 million Americans live with hip and knee implants. And with an increase in the aging population, that number is expected to soar.

The term physical therapy covers a range of different interventions, including manual therapy, ice/heat therapy, ultrasound and traction therapy that aim to improve a patient’s overall function, movement and general wellbeing.

“The focus of our therapists is very much on the patient, building up a rapport and working in partnership with them to achieve their goal of recovering or learning how to live better with their condition, whatever it may be,” explains Palmeira CEO Gen Barter. “Our goal is to partner with their physician in the continuum of care to ensure that the patient is improving in the fastest and safest way possible way while in the comfort of their own home.”

Physical therapy treatment covers a wide range of conditions including back pain, arthritis, stroke and other neurological problems, industrial and other work-related injuries, sports injuries, burns and post-operative recovery.

Among the elderly population, total joint replacement is the most common surgical procedure performed. The most common joint replacements are performed on hips and knees. Treatment of the diseased hip or knee joint does not end with surgical replacement. According to Barter, the ultimate goal is ensuring pain free function and to get the joint moving to prevent complications. Post-operative rehabilitation is of utmost importance.

“Palmeira Home Health’s individualized approach to home rehabilitation is multidisciplinary and has an excellent success rate in improving our patients’ quality of life and speedy recovery,” she adds.

Joint replacement therapy goals include:

  • Assist the client to mentally and physically expedite the process of early return to home environment.
  • Decrease length of stay at the hospital or rehab.
  • Significantly decrease post-surgical complications.
  • Return to normal activities in a quickest possible time.

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Palmeira Home + Health, a division of Palmeira Health Services, is a leading home health care provider offering skilled nursing services to home-based patients in Arizona and Nevada. Palmeira helps patients recover faster by initiating follow up care within 24 hours, using an established Point-of-Care Technology for a more effective continuum of care, and providing a treatment regimen focused on lower hospital readmission rates. Palmeira currently works with over 500 physicians, hospitals and rehabilitation facilities to provide services with lower readmission rates half the national average. More at .

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