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Every day, skilled nurses assist seniors and others in recovery in living their healthiest, happiest and best lives.

Every May, The American Health Care Association highlights their efforts during National Skilled Nursing Week – May 12-18.

This May, Palmeira Home + Health honors Rose Davis as our Skilled Nursing Superhero during Skilled Nursing Week 2019.

Rose Davis“When I first started nursing, I tried different avenues and found that I love home health the most. In the past I recall being sad because of the lack of time I was able to spend with my patients in the nursing home and hospital,” explains Rose. “This was mainly due to a high nurse to patient ratio and simply not enough time in the day. I was on a routine that consisted of completing patient head to toe assessments, passing meds, charting, then passing meds again before my shift was over. I felt I was not doing my patients justice. They weren’t receiving true nursing care.

So when I discovered home health, I was ecstatic. I could literally sit down and talk to my patients and educate them without feeling rushed. I could be the one person they could talk to about their illness and give them the type of nursing care I always wanted to give. Every time I walk into a patient’s home, I am grateful to have the opportunity to assist with increasing their quality of life.”

Thank YOU Rose – Palmeira is grateful for the opportunity to call you one of our own!

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