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In an effort to raise awareness and encourage the engagement of patients, families, health care providers, and the public, Palmeira Home + Health announced today its participation in Patient Safety Awareness Week, an annual recognition week led by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

Patient Safety Awareness Week, March 10-16, 2019 is intended to spark dialogue, promote action to improve the safety of the health care system for patients and the workforce, and instill the message that “every day is patient safety day.”

During this recognition week, IHI encourages health care organizations around the world to take part by helping to increase awareness among their team and in their community of the importance of patient safety and the prevention of medical harm.

“While there have been improvements in patient safety over the past 20 years, there is still much work to be done,” said Tejal K. Gandhi, Chief Clinical and Safety Officer at IHI.

To observe the week, Palmeira has planned activities to educate team members and engage patients as well as educational outreach to the broader community.

“I am proud of the work that our team does every day to make Palmeira a leading home health care provider in our community,” says Palmeira CEO Gen Barter. “Patient Safety Awareness Week is a time to recognize the work that has been done, reflect, educate and engage. Everyone– from providers to patients and family members – plays a role in ensuring safe care, and by uniting together and sharing that common goal, we can make a difference in patient safety.”

Fall and injury prevention continues to be a considerable challenge in health care. Up to 32% of community-dwelling individuals over the age of 65 fall each year, and females fall more frequently than males in this age group.

Fall-related injuries are the most common cause of accidental death in those over the age of 65, resulting in 41 fall-related deaths per 100,000 people per year. To address this growing concern, the Joint Commission established the Home Care National Patient Safety Goals to educate patient and families how to prevent injuries from falling.

Studies show that as many as 85% of all seniors have done nothing to improve the safety of their home. A recent survey of adults, their aging parents, and ER doctors yielded some alarming statistics related to the safety of the home where senior citizens live. A large percentage of all participants in the study agreed that falls are the number one safety concern for the home. Doctors cite these rooms in the home as the most likely to contribute to a fall:

  • Bathroom – 69%
  • Bedroom – 13%
  • Kitchen – 9%
  • Stairs – 5%

Most doctors agree with other resources that an annual home safety check that goes from room to room in the house is needed to ensure risks of falls and other accidents are kept to a minimum. Using a checklist to help identify potential hazards can make seniors and their caregivers more aware of potential hazards and correct them before the accident occurs. With home healthcare professionals, safety is a high priority built into the overall treatment protocol.

For a list of Common Conditions and Diagnosis for Balance and Fall Prevention visit

About National Patient Safety Week

Patient Safety Awareness Week is an annual recognition event intended to encourage everyone to learn more about health care safety. During this week, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) seeks to advance important discussions locally and globally, and inspire action to improve the safety of the health care system – for patients and the workforce.

Patient Safety Awareness Week serves as a dedicated time and platform for growing awareness about patient safety and recognizing the work already being done. Everyone interacts with the health care system at some point in life. And everyone has a role to play in advancing safe health care.

Patient Safety Awareness Week was formerly led by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF). In 2017, NPSF and IHI merged into one organization called IHI.

For more information about Patient Safety Awareness Week, please see


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